Generation X vs Y vs Z Workplace Edition [Infographic]

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In order for the workplace to be really effective it is necessary to have excellent workers who are willing to cooperate with each other. To really understand the motivation and skills of workers, employers need to know and understand everything about generations they belong to. Although each person is different, their generation defines the skills and the main characteristics of their personality. These days, in one workplace there can be even four different generations of workers, from baby boomers to generation Z. People born before 1966 belong to the generation of baby boomers and they are starting to retire, freeing up the place in work force for generations X, Y and Z. In order to make it easier to overcome the generation gap that separates them, employers need to know what motivates them and what their skills are. Fortunately, you can find all the information in this interesting infographic. Did you know that generation X has higher educational level? They have master’s degree, while the generations Y and Z have the bachelor’s degree.

Generational diversity of the workforce could be great news for the company if you manage to create a good working atmosphere. Then you won’t have any problems with arguments between employers because of conflicting ideas and opinions, because you will be able to use all the skills and wide range of talent that diversity of three generations offers you. Your task as an employer is to recognize and understand generational differences to be able to create more effective and positive working atmosphere. Find the perfect way to harmonize different skills like enterprise solutions of generation X, SPSS and data analysis from generation Y and entrepreneurship and innovation from the generation Z. In this interesting infographic you will find out everything you need to know about main differences between these generations.


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