Top 6 Hashtag Monitoring Tools

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In the world of Social Media Marketing campaigns, there is always the question of monitoring and identifying specific results in order to repeat the good and improve the not so good. We’re constantly searching for tools that could make this process easier and we’re satisfied with what we found in terms of monitoring the activity of certain hashtags used in our social media marketing campaigns.

How does this help? Well, if you have aligned your business goals with your social media strategy, using and tracking hashtags would be one of the activities that helps in making your content stand out.

Below, we selected the top 6 best hashtag monitoring tools that you can use to track the activity you have had on Twitter in a determined time period. The criteria we considered were:

  • detailing of reports
  • pricing
  • user experience

Let’s get to our ranking, from our least favorite to the best tool we found:

6. Talk Walker: it sounds and looks fancy and professional. It is a Twitter certified product, which makes it very trustworthy. We tried the free trial and we have to say the delivered reports are a little too general for our needs, while their pricing is not the most attractive in comparison to other hashtag monitoring tools.

5. Tagboard (free): collects real-time hashtag data from both Facebook and Twitter and the only thing you can see is the recent posts on the two networks. You also get what they call a “sentiment” on the hashtag and some related words. We advise you use this if you’re a beginner. It’s almost like a Meerkat for hashtags.


4. Tweet Binder: the free trial only analyzes 300 tweets, but the data is clear and detailed enough. As for the look and feel, it’s very user friendly. However, if you’re not planning to spend $ 1.450 on a professional plan per year, then maybe you should check some other tools that can do the job just as well.

3. Ritetag: the reports are not as detailed as you would see them on some of the other tools, but it’s a good alternative, as one of its main advantages is that it provides a list of influencers you can interact with afterwards on Twitter. Financially speaking, it’s acceptable as well, and the trusted users they have also make it a go to.

2. Keyhole: definitely one of our favorites, mainly because the stats are easy to understand, including a conversation tracker around the topic, with a board of influencers. There is a free trial, but other than that, it’s still a bit pricey. You can download their sample XLS report on one of Audi’s campaigns to see how detailed the analysis is and decide if it’s the right one for you. We were impressed.

1. Twitonomy: number one our list, with cool stats and very on point, Twitonomy analyzes general Twitter activity, monitoring impressions on every tweet. What’s great about it is that if you are managing other accounts as well, you can see how they are performing too. In order to download the XLS file or monitor a hashtag, you need to go Premium, but the prices they have are the best so far, and it’s definitely worth the investment!


That’s it for our top 6! Do you have a favorite tool that you use in order to monitor the hashtags in your social media marketing campaigns and it’s not on the list? Let us know if you do in the comment section, and don’t hesitate to tell us what your experience with it was like.

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