4 Questions You Should Ask An Interviewer

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In the zillions of interviews I’ve done I almost always ask the person interviewed whether he or she has a question they want to ask me. Most of the time, they don’t.

As a candidate, asking the interviewer a question gives you an opportunity to know the company and position better while getting one up on the other candidates by standing out and appearing interested in the organization.

Never forget an interview process is a two-way street. Of course the company is trying to determine whether you’re the right person for the job/culture. However, you should also be checking the company out. Consider whether they:

  • Are worth your time and effort
  • Are the best place to learn and grow
  • Have values aligned with yours
  • Have a purpose to connect with what you want to achieve in your career/life

It’s takes confidence to do this, so arm yourself with these 4 questions to ask so you can stand out from the others and decide whether the company is the right one to join.

1. How do you plan to grow the company and how will you beat the competition?

As much as the company needs to understand how your skills and expertise will add value to the company, you have to understand and have confidence in the direction and future of the organisation you applying for. In my experience a candidate who is able to have a balanced conversation about my company knows the market, understands what we’re trying to achieve and has a strong view of what we can do. They will definitely stand out a million miles in a packed crowd of candidates.

2. Can you introduce me to the people I will work with?

As you will be spending numerous hours in close proximity with your team members, I think it’s only appropriate for you to get to know your team members a bit better prior to deciding to work with them. You never know what Kinds of Jerks are working there. At the same time you can assess how your personality will fit with other members and you can have a discussion with your future boss on how you can add value to the team.

Also make sure you get to know your boss pretty well. Check him out on social media and do a reference check on him (the company will do the same on you!). Like I always say:

3. People who didn’t succeed in the organization, what traits did they have?

This question allows you to get a good feel about the values of the company. I’m pretty sure interviewers will say something like: not being able to deliver results on time, not being able to build relations with people, people that are stubborn, self-absorbed etc. Try to ask questions to get beyond the surface and maybe ask for specific examples. Making sure that the company’s values are aligned with yours is one of the most important elements to check out in the interview process.

Asking this question also allows you to give examples and/or references on your own behavior and of course show case your amazing abilities.

4. Is there any reason you might think I might not fit in the position?

This is a gutsy question and many interviewers will try to avert this question with a number of platitudes as it requires him to show his hand and assess you on the spot. However, if he answers it with some depth you have an opportunity to respond then and there giving you again an upper hand in how you position yourself.

Own the interview as it’s a process of equality. They want something and have something to offer and the same applies for you. The questions above will help you establish yourself at the same level as the interviewer and be seen as a partner in the process.

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