Re-Engaging Dormant Users – Bringing Your App Back to Life

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reengaging-dormant-usersIn today’s hyper competitive mobile app industry, the biggest challenge faced by app developers is being able to cut through the noise. With thousands upon thousands of apps being added to the app store everyday, it has become critical for app developers to create an app that is not only functionally strong enough to get noticed amidst the sea of apps, but also provides great content that keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Getting rapid app downloads is not the only sign of success. Almost 90% of the downloaded apps are used just once and eventually deleted by the users. This results in either a high number of dormant users or a high user attrition rate. This shows that most apps either don’t meet the needs of users or that there is a newer, shinier app which provides something better.

Most apps die a slow death in the app store. It is time to bring your app back to life by re-engaging your dormant users.

Why is re-engaging dormant users important?

It has never been more important to re-engage dormant users. With so many apps to choose from, if an app fails to effectively engage and re-engage its users, chances are they will flee to another app. Acquired users are an asset and they should be treated that way. Users who download an app have already bought in to the apps value proposition. They are people who are interested in what the app does and think that it can add value to their lives.

With user acquisition costs being higher than user retention costs, it is clear that app developers need to spend more effort in engaging their current user base. Thus, it is much more valuable for app developers to keep their current users engaged and get their dormant users to come back to the app and use it more.

How do you re-engage dormant users?

The core of being able to engage users is user understanding. The value of true user understanding can’t be emphasized enough. An app developer who has insight into his users’ likes and dislikes is armed with invaluable information which can aid him in a plethora of ways.

An example: Consider a fitness app that helps you track what you eat and how much you exercise. As a lifestyle app, it gets a lot of downloads as people see a lot of value in it. However, most people don’t stick to healthy routines consistently and the app sees a drop in the number of active users and its usage. Now imagine if you knew a certain user has been consistently visiting the gym at a specific location and has been shopping more at Whole Foods. You can then send a push notification to the user to log his workout when he is at the gym, or send a coupon for groceries at Whole Foods. Such types of highly contextually targeted messages show the user the value in using the app and gently lure him back to using it again.

User understanding can transform the way app developers handle user acquisition and user engagement. In-app messaging, content and even advertisements can be tailored to target specific users based on their interest and behavior profile. App developers can now reach dormant users which, otherwise, isn’t possible and increase the lifetime value of their engaged users. The possibilities are endless.

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