Some Preliminary Thoughts To Consider Before Launching Experiential Events

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Is your creative team is having a ball with staging experiential events? If so the one meeting you certainly don’t want to miss is the first brainstorming session.

Chances are, your team puts plenty of bounce in that ball with edgy and maybe even off-the-wall ideas – all aimed at igniting people’s senses and helping them experience your product or service at a fundamental level and in a personal way.

While no one wants to dampen creative fire and enthusiasm, there’s always a point when someone in authority (perhaps you) must step in and wave a cautionary flag – and with good reason.

Reinvent Your Event Marketing for Higher ROI

It’s tempting to view experiential events as entities unto themselves. And while they probably are very different from any other creative effort your company undertakes, these events must become an integral part of your entire marketing campaign. Before launching an experiential event, ensure that it teems with relevance and strives for:

consistantcyMessage Consistency

Experiential events should complement if not echo your overall marketing message, not communicate a new one. Message consistency is essential. The last thing you want is a contradiction or to come off looking hypocritical for all to see.

Creative Consistency

Experiential events should reflect and enhance your marketing campaign’s color, design, theme and image. Simply put, branding consistency. That is of course unless it’s a new product line or arm of the business.

Strategic Reality

Experiential events can be great energizers for your team and your company, but resist placing overt importance on their significance. No one vehicle in your marketing campaign should dominate the spotlight – at least for long.

Par Excellence In Execution


This is a classier way of saying “training,” and with this endeavor, you must set the bar high ruthlessly high. When you think of experiential events as live advertisements, you know that there are no cuts and no edits.

Some spontaneity might be justified and even welcome, but put your brand ambassadors through different scenarios – from engaging with the shy, reticent consumer to the aggressive, demanding consumer – so that they are prepared to represent your company with aplomb.

Establishing Evaluation And Modification Benchmarks

The “build it and they shall come” mantra died a fitting death after the first wave of excitement over the novelty of websites. Likewise, just because you build an experiential event doesn’t mean that people will respond to it the way your company intends.

Observing, tracking, and reporting on the responses to your experiential event are necessary precursors to making tweaks and modifications to ensure its success – and creating that all-important emotional connection with your product or service that could pay your company dividends for years to come.

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