Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter

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Better, Faster, Stronger, SmarterIt is a motto often used in sports!

This phrase also quite nicely fits  marketing.


It is really time to integrate digital and traditional methods together. For me, 2015 is about consolidation. I work better when I know where to efficiently allocate my time and resources. Watching the numbers and staying informed of new technologies is the key. Moving toward a more mobile world has its challenges, but the good news is you can really see results when you really dive into it.


Reaction time is much quicker than ever. Ideas need to be implemented sooner. Campaigns need to be initiatived, reviewed and updated almost daily. New markets are becoming available and planning needs to occur at much faster pace if you are going to make a difference in new markets.


Today, I reall believe it comes down to having the right people. People make the difference. It starts with a good quality product and service backed up by an experienced client service team. No room for turnover here. Strong teams, backed with proper communication and passion can go a long way in serving clients’ needs.


Just like any team, the teams that have the edge are the smarter teams. This requires constant input from leaders who can make difference in each of these areas and keep the team focused on the company objectives. Continue to listen to your clients and your employee team and continue to develop and execute your plan. I have found that short meetings, 10-15 minutes, similar to a timeout keep teams focused on the important items of the day and give people a chance to share their thoughts with team members. Constant communication is the key.

Better, Faster, Stronger, Smarter – If you are not growing, you are dying. Each one of these areas takes a lot of work, but when these ideas are brought together, it really makes for a winning team.

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