Mobile Marketing Set to Conquer 2015 – 10 Stats to Prove It [Infographic]

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It is all set to be another big year for the mobile with many new devices due out this year. Apple have just announced a record number of sales on their new iPhone 6 and 6 plus – it seems our love for the hand held device keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Technology companies are continually trying to find new and exciting ways to utilise the power of this amazing little piece of technology. Our homes are now being filled with devices that can be controlled by the mighty mobile, with many people believing that every home device in the future will soon have the ability to be controlled through the smartphone.

This love and obsession for our mobile means that it is the perfect way for businesses and   brands to contact their customers.

2014 saw a huge rise in big brands shaping their marketing and advertising exploits for mobile, while also launching and building upon their existing mobile marketing campaigns to go on and gain fantastic results.

Through mobile marketing, businesses are finding ways to cut their costs, improve customer service, increase sales and ultimately grow their business.

The convenience and almost permanent contact we have with our mobile phones means that it is the perfect way to get important information across to your customers and businesses are doing just that, with appointment reminders, delivery information and even doctor’s test results.

So what does the future hold for mobile and mobile marketing?

Well the future is bright, extremely bright. Some of the mobile adoption stats we are seeing are staggering as it continues on its steep rise, blasting away competition with ease.

Below are just ten stats that illustrate the popularity of the mobile and why it looks like it is going on to conquer 2015.

Source: Text Marketer

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