The Big Secret to Becoming a Successful Speaker

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The Secret of Success Speakers

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Google lately.. Getting into the head of YOU – my audience – what you need, what you are looking for online to help you become a successful speaker.

As I read blog post after blog post, article after article, what I noticed most was that all the advice is the same.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good, solid advice. Speaking tips that all speakers should heed. Tips like:

  • Practice!
  • Know your audience
  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t go over time
  • Make eye contact

But at the end of the day, these are rules to follow. Just because you’re following the rules doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

You can check off all the boxes, and still never become a speaker who impacts and influences their audience in a way that creates a memorable experience, and leaves them talking and taking action.

The big secret to being a successful speaker – one who is confident, engaging, and who motivates the audience to take action – is:

Be Different

If you follow all the rules (like every other speaker out there), you’ll blend in with all the other speakers.

Your message will get lost in this noisy world of ours; the secret is to rise above that noise and stand out.

Being you. Bring to the presentation all of your strange ideas, personality quirks, and all of the life experience that makes you different.

Standing out is not easy. You’ve been taught your whole life to fit in. Playing by the rules is the way to get ahead.

But that doesn’t work when you are a speaker – you can play by all the rules and still not land that lucrative deal, get the new client or even have people act on what you told them.

How do you stand out to be a successful speaker?

To stand out as a speaker, you’ve got to get uncomfortable.

It’s time to invite controversy. To push your audience’s boundaries, and to even have some people exclaim “Ugh! You’re not for me!” and opt out of your world.

Every time you open your mouth whether it’s on stage or off, you’re positioning your speaking, your business and your career. It’s your opportunity to stand out.

Here’s how you can begin to find your Positioning Power.

Tap into your strong viewpoints

A successful speaker is unafraid to take a stand on an issue. She’s got her own ideas about how the world works and isn’t scared to voice those ideas.

Why do you need to express your strong viewpoints? The authors of the book, Rework, say it best:

“A strong stand is how you attract superfans. They point to you and defend you. And they spread the word further, wider, and more passionately than any advertising could.”

As a speaker, isn’t that exactly what you want? An audience that turns into strong advocates and spreads your message for you?

If you need help finding those strong viewpoints, start with this question:

What makes you go on a rant?

Rants are ravishing to your superfans and advocates. Sharing your rants shows the audience what you stand for and what you want to be know for.

Be clear on the change you want to create

Internet philosopher, Seth Godin says: “A presentation that doesn’t seek to make change is a waste of time and energy.”

To be successful as a speaker, and to have a lasting impact, you need to be crystal clear on the change that you want to create for the audience.

This should be a change that only you – being you with all of your flaws, foibles, and failures – can bring about for you audience.

Before you write a word of that presentation answer this question:

As a result of hearing me speak, how will my audience change?

When you’ve had a noticeable impact on someone’s life, you’ll stand out. You’ll be remembered. You’ll be trusted. People will want to do business with you, hire you, or join your community because you had an impact.

To be a successful speaker embrace your difference. Express your strong viewpoints and be 100% clear on how you want to impact your audience.

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