Your 2015 HR Motto: Retention

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retentionJob creation and job growth is on the rise in the U.S., and is only expected to continue on an upward trend throughout the year. New jobs means more opportunities for employees to make moves, which means that if you want to keep top performing talent in your organization, you need to start focusing on retention.

Lots of HR professionals will need to shake the rust off of their retention skills; after all, for the past several years, we’ve been fighting an economic downturn where jobs were scarce, and workers were less likely to try and jump ship – there were simply no other ships on the horizon.

To help ease you back into the retention groove, here is some of our best advice on what to do – and what to avoid:

  • Do: Try to avoid turnover with successful hiring. Using all of the tools at your disposal, such as pre-hire assessments and cultural fit measurements, to determine whether a potential candidate has the potential to really engage with your organization can sometimes save you turnover headaches in the long run. However…
  • Don’t: Blame recruiting on high employee turnover. Especially if you use an outside recruiting firm or another member of your department is responsible for hiring. Saying that they “just didn’t hire the right person” causes dissension and makes you seem like a blame assigner. No one can predict the future.
  • Do: Spend some time training managers. A popular HR idiom states that, “employees don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad managers.” Counteract this truism by using resources at your disposal to help managers improve their styles and methods of leadership.
  • Don’t: Get too down about turnover. You will, as an HR professional, take a lot of heat from executive management when turnover happens. Imitate Taylor Swift and shake it off, and focus on increasing engagement among your remaining workforce to limit any more turnover.

The path to retention starts even before a new hire’s first day on the job. Make sure your organization is starting off on the right foot.

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