The Best Video Production Studio May Not Be the Right One

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Just because a video production studio is great, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your brand. Here’s a quick guide on finding the right one.

Creating commercial-quality video for advertisement, music, promotion, etc. is a complex process. Sure, you could read a few posts about creating your own video, but if you’re looking for real results – leave it to the professionals. Creative video studios dedicate their entire workday to brainstorming, customizing and creating your content. With concentration like that, the resulting video will be completely worth the cost.

Marketers around the globe are steadily increasing their video budgets to get content that attracts new customers and keeps their existing ones coming back for more. With that in mind, it’s really not surprising that there are hundreds of video production companies out there. Selecting a creative production studio can be extremely difficult, because each studio has something a little bit different to offer. Those who have never worked with a video production company before will find difficult to select one without help.

Okay, let’s get to it.

Starting the Search

It’s as simple as using Google (or your search engine of choice) to begin your quest for the perfect video production studio. Searching key terms, like “promo video studio” or “marketing video production” will help you find some initial options.
For a simplified search, you can use third party rating sites like Top Alternatives and Quora, which have great user and professionally ranked lists of production studios.

Create a list of your top 10 favorites. Skimming these websites in their entirety can take some work, so to keep your process simplified, you can pick your favorites based on a few criteria such as their portfolio work and delivery schedule.

Narrowing Down

This step requires some more effort on your part, but properly researching your options is crucial if you want to avoid choosing the wrong studio for your project. Depending on your personal preference, you can either choose to thoroughly study each studio’s website before contacting them, but it is a lot quicker (and easier) to call the studios directly. When talking to these studios, it’s best to have some pre-planned questions prepared. See some examples here.

While speaking with each studio, make a note of how ‘salesy’ each sounds. Are the genuinely interested in your project, or do they seem like they’re pressuring you to spend your money on their services right off the bat? Professional companies will be interested to find out what your goals are and who are you planning to reach. After all, you are not creating this video for your personal purposes, you are trying to reach a large audience and make some profit by sharing this video message.

Final Decision

After speaking with each individual studio, many people will know right away which studio to choose, based on price, quality, service offerings, overall vibe, etc. If this doesn’t happen for you, try using the classic ‘’pro/con’’ model to make your selection.

Finding the right video production studio takes some time, but the awesome video you’ll get from it is well worth the effort.

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