Marketers Reveal Top Pain Point: It’s Lead Generation

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Lead Quality is the #2 Ranked Pain Point for Marketers, According to New Salesforce Survey

In the newly released Salesforce report, 2015 State Of Marketing, over 5,000 marketers from all over the globe shared the top challenges they face while executing marketing strategies. It may not surprise you that lead quality came in second, higher than tasks like customer acquisition and quantifying the ROI of marketing.


In years past, marketers were primarily focused on challenges such as budgetary constraints and developing unique content. However, in 2015, those two were not among the most common challenges for marketers, due in large part to the fact that marketing teams are operating with bigger budgets (84 percent of marketers planning to increase or maintain their spend in 2015) and that key priorities have shifted to filling the sales funnel with quality instead of quantity.


Bad Leads: No End In Sight?

What are the challenges of lead quality that marketers must overcome? All too often, leads are stale, recycled, duplicates, or even completely fabricated. That translates to a lot of wasted time and money, as bad leads make their way into the pipeline. Technology continues to overtake the lead generation landscape, yet without the benefit of technology as gatekeeper, there is no end in sight for bad leads.

Shifting Dollars, Shifting Landscape

In 2015, we will continue to see a departure from traditional mass advertising as 34 percent of marketers plan on shifting spend to advertising on digital channels like mobile and social media. Globally, marketing departments are allocating tens of thousands of dollars per month to capture the attention of prospective customers across the digital ecosystem, but how can they know that their money is being well spent?

The answer is simple: trust and transparency. When marketers have clarity into the lead process, from the moment a consumer fills out an online form to the moment that lead is converts into a sale, long-standing difficulties are finally eliminated.

Stay tuned for Part 2: More Spend, More Waste

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