Using Content to Grow Organic Traffic from Scratch

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Lee Thompson, an accomplished photojournalist, climbed the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Jenario in May 2014 to take the first ever selfie, atop the statue of Jesus which went viral overnight. This gave his business, The Flash Pack – a young start-up based in London which provides small group tours to busy professionals – a huge kick-start when they were actually contemplating shutting down the business. Flushed with success, they approached Envigo to help them in strategizing the growth of their organic traffic and improve the conversion rate of their website. Envigo, a full service digital marketing agency that has expertise in organic search, content strategy, web improvements, usability, outreach and digital engagement was delighted at the prospect of doing so and started work on the project immediately.

“The foundation of our strategy for their business, which has a very niche audience, was to first identify the user persona of their target audience. This involved conducting surveys and interviews of their customers, carrying out detailed research, and listening on social media and data analysis. Finally, we constructed a well-defined persona of their customers with information about their interests, lifestyles, and behaviours apart from the usual demographic data.” said Saurabh Kumar, director of Envigo.

The next strategic step to increase their organic traffic was, to research keywords with good search volume specific to the business, the offering, and the landing pages. All the website content including meta-tags and subsequent blogs were based on the user persona and the identified keywords for the business. Within a day of implementing these changes on their website content, their keyword visibility score jumped 3x on Google.

Blogger outreach was another approach to reach the target audience and increase visibility of the website. The marketing team of Envigo approached travel bloggers with specific interest groups and high impact based on the size of their following and the degree of trustworthiness.

Because of the incessant efforts of The Flash Pack founders to delight their customers, the business earned many positive reviews and testimonials on their website and other online social forums, which helped them even more in gaining visibility. All the networking events, talks, and discussion panels attended by them also paid off and led to an increase of their digital footprint.

The results were fantastic. The organic traffic of the website, for the first six months, increased by 556% as compared to the previous year and 74% as compared to the previous period.

The Christ the redeemer selfie earned them the ‘best viral campaign of the year’ award by UK Social Media Communications and the business was one among the top ten semi-finalists in the start-up category at Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich competition 2015.

(Image by Lee Thompson, who runs The Flash Pack)

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