How to Make Yourself Relevant on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a powerful resource for employees and businesses. This online resource connects career oriented individuals to the business community and forges valuable connections. Networking is an essential part of the business world and knowing how to navigate this online workspace can be an essential asset.

Maximizing Your Profile

Implementing as many details as possible into your profile is important for businesses and fellow clients to understand your value as an employee. A professional picture that is used across all social media channels helps in the image search which leads more people to your LinkedIn page. Using keywords and a detailed description of your skillset helps to build stronger connections and stronger online connectivity to your profile. Putting your resume online also indicates confidence in your skillset and promotes a more transparent profile.

Joining Groups and Networking Articles

Linking articles is a way to increase productivity on your LinkedIn profile and get noticed by potential businesses and clientele. Joining relevant groups to your industry and posting comments and articles demonstrates ingenuity and interest which is an attractive quality on the website. Writing relevant blog posts and linking them online generates more traffic to your profile and if the blog posts are written well, shows knowledge and relevant opinions towards topics in your industry.

Employer Recommendations

Obtaining recommendations from your employer helps enhance your credibility on LinkedIn. It is important to have at least 10 recommendations from relevant individuals in the industry. This ensures references are available online for a business or employer to see and helps to create a rounded LinkedIn profile. Trading recommendations with industry related co-workers is a good way to increase recommendations.

LinkedIn can be a valuable resource in the working world and learning how to maximize its potential can provide a whole new experience which could help you in meaningful ways.


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