5 Ways to Build Team Trust

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Managing a team is hard work. Your responsibilities to your job, business, and your team evolve with each project and person you get onboard. Throughout the ever changing landscape of your business, there’s one thing that remains constant: to get your team to work hard for your business, you need to earn their trust.

Trust brings teams from employees that clock in and out for their shift to invested individuals that work hard to see the company succeed. Without trust, you’ll find yourself in a position where it feels more like herding cattle than building profits.

Here are five ways to build team trust and boost performance.

  1. Instill Trust During Training

From day one, your team eyes you, trying to determine how much trust they can put in you as a manager. This is the time to earn their trust and develop a strong rapport. The earlier you can instill that level of confidence in your management style, the easier it will be for you to build a stronger team culture.

Train your managers and employees by setting firm expectations and leading by example. Soon, you’ll mold each team member into the employee you need him to be so that everyone maintains a healthy level of trust in one another.

  1. Follow Through on Your Promises

Perhaps nothing breaks trust more than not following through on something you promised. Your word means a lot to your team members. Show that when you say you’ll do something, it gets done.

Doing this will not only help people trust you, but it’ll also set the expectation that you require the same level of forward honesty from them. Over time, you’ll have enough confidence to know that when an employee says she’ll do something, the job will get done.

  1. Create Open Lines of Communications

Situations can change on a dime. When something happens that could delay a project or stunt your success, you want to know about it right away.

  1. Put Values Over Profits

There may come a time when you’ll be forced to choose between values and profits. One decision will maintain the vision and values your company is founded upon. Another decision will earn you more money. In times like these, choosing values over the money establishes a stronger sense of unity and team pride.

  1. Champion Each Employee

When you trust your team, you know they’re working hard to help your company achieve a common goal. Champion each employee and show them that you have 100% confidence in their ability. Doing so will earn you more trust as a manager because of the support you show to your team.

Trust isn’t something that comes easily, but it is something that can crumble in an instant. It takes regular work and conscious effort to keep your team trusting you. With a healthy level of confidence in each employee you work with, you’ll earn the respect and trust you need to boost happiness in the workplace and team loyalty.

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