Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s Culture Problem

2 min read · 9 years ago


Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s Culture Problem image yahoo logo testMarissa Mayer and Yahoo’s Culture ProblemCulture matters. When a company has the right culture, and everyone buys into it, a lot more is possible. Marketing speaks the truth about what people are feeling, customers feel better about interacting with you, and your employees are motivated to do the best for the brand.

Yahoo has a culture problem. Marissa Mayer is trying to fix it. Part of the problem is that the company has not made any real attempt to get a handle on their culture for some time. They have been seen as a dying giant ever since Google overtook them in search. And I’m sure that feeling has permeated even the workforce that remains at Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer decided to end the work at home program at Yahoo. What this means is that employees have to start coming to work again. And she’s taking heat for this decision why? Because people don’t get culture.

If I’m Marissa Mayer and I want to change the culture at Yahoo, I want people at my company to WANT to come to work. I want people excited to be there, in the office, working with a team that’s trying to execute a large scale turnaround the likes of which the Tech world has not seen before.

I can’t say yet whether Marissa Mayer will be successful in her quest, but I can say she’s pulling the right levers. And all the pundits that are trying to do her job for her should take a minute to think about what they are saying before they do.

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