The Great Intersection: The Next 10 Years in Marketing

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Marketing is a management role that ensures the production and service delivery is in line with the customers’ preference. Its main role is to ensure a smooth existence between the company and its prospective clients. Compared to other departments of the management, marketing is more demanding about its initial cost.

Inbound Marketing

Many of these marketing fields overlap due to their closeness in function. Inbound Marketing is a function whose primary role is to research on the trend of the market. The market conditions are a subject to the customer level of preference and taste. It integrates the need and wants of the clients in their decision-making threshold to come up with a comprehensive way on how to meet them. It’s for this reason, results in changes in pricing to suit the customer wants and dominate the market. It mainly involves mathematical analysis to come up with precise results.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is another comprehensive category. It is involved in customer promotion, for instance, through the use of media for advertising. Marketing fields under this category major in media purchasing and graphic design in publicity. Unlike those as mentioned earlier, direct marketing is a promotion strategy that involves seeing the customer face to face for persuasion and transaction other than advertising through the media. It may be through telemarketing or end to end direct marketing. Finally, there is the social marketing category. It mainly has its attention on the waves in the commercialization or the behavioral dynamics. Social marketing technique benefits are to all the populations, not just one firm. The projects are initiated as corporate social responsibilities and have an effect on the community as a whole.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the common field of commercialization. Advertising, public relations, promotion and sales are the other interrelated areas. The sole purpose of setting up these areas is to capture the attention of the clients. Any contact with customers online itself a form of advertising. However, advertising solely is unlikely to win the customers. Promotion comes in as an incentive to prompt the buyers to like the commodity on the advert. The incentives include discounts, coupons and gifts. Communication in winning customers is critical. Public relations count a lot on the amount of sales that will result from intense advertising. A favorable opinion of the sales company will consequently lead to increasing in sales level.

Public Relations

Public relation went through an enormous growth and expansion during the twentieth century. Due to this, it has gained influence in the world of business. Its rampant growth was contributed to by experimentation of new strategies and constant effort to create an inviting impression. Incorporation of diversified techniques to aggressively communicate with the public resulted to a wider scope of activities. It was at first hard for the public to differentiate between marketing and public relation. The two underwent dramatic growth with each complimenting the other.

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