How Will Microsoft’s HoloLens Create a New Dimension of Customer Experience?

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Microsoft’s HoloLens is a breakthrough device. Technology that seemed impossible a few short days ago, is now becoming a reality that we will soon experience. The release of the HoloLens and its successors will innovate the technological markets, disrupting several industries and increase our level of brand interaction. The possibilities for the application of the HoloLens are endless and limited only by our imagination.


Think about the last time you redecorated your home. Choosing paint colors, flooring, furniture and accessories can be daunting, but making a decision based on the potential of your imagination is a risky and possibly costly business if you aren’t fully satisfied with the final product. Imagine standing in your living room, and with a few gestures, re-design the space to your liking and get a perfect sense of how it will look and feel once redecorated.

Becoming a Rockstar

We all dream of being a rockstar, and recording a full length album in a recording studio. Picture yourself sitting at your dining room table, equipped with a pair of HoloLens glasses as you mix and master your garage band’s album on a virtual 96 track pro audio studio. An experience that was once only accessible to professional recording artists will soon be available at our convenience.

Purchasing a Car

When we purchase or lease a new car, we typically never see the final product until we pick it up and drive it off the lot. Colors, fabrics, finishes and accessories are usually chosen from a catalogue after a glance at the car on the showroom floor and a quick test drive. However, why not have the ability to experience a holographic  version of your car before opening your wallet…


Showrooming , reverse showrooming, omni-channel and multi-channel – there are too many buzz words in the retail space today! The industry is changing at an unimaginable rate and retailers are struggling to figure out how to capture the loyalty of consumers. Imagine walking through virtual aisles, mixing and matching items to create custom looks, and then easily changing the color and fabric of the items at the flick of a finger. Then, before proceeding to checkout, have a final overview of your items and apply any adjustments if needed. Loyalty will surely be gained. The HoloLens will create a state-of-the-art shopping experience at the comfort of your home and also become the next “BUZZ” trend to hit the retail industry.

3D Printing

As I’ve said before, 3D printing is going to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. The ability to print products on demand is astonishing. However, let’s take this one step further and allow the consumer to modify a holographic image before creating it. By seeing a 3D representation they may decide to modify color, texture or even size…the possibilities are endless. The HoloLens will surely make great strides in advancing many industries.

Interactivity is becoming a major theme in the customer experience domain and the HoloLens will definitely create a new and exciting dimension which will push the boundaries of how consumers can interact with brands.

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