Samsung Galaxy S6 Details Leaked: It Wants To Destroy Apple Pay

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More Samsung Galaxy S6 details have been leaked, thanks to BGR, and not only will the appearance be extremely different, it will seek to take down Apple Pay.

BGR actually has photos of the latest Galaxy, but unfortunately, they’re not allowed to publish those. Instead, they leaked the specifications. Rumored details on the highly anticipated phone came out earlier this month, but it seems like those weren’t completely accurate

Before, it was said that the phone had a 5.5-inch quad display. Recent details says it will be a tad bit smaller at 5.1-inch, with a Quad HD Super AMOLED dispay. The rumor of a full metal and glass casing has stayed the same, making the S6 similar to iPhones.

The OIS rear camera will be 20 megapixels and the front-facing will be 5. Memory consumption won’t be a problem any longer either. A really neat feature will be wireless charging and a quick connect charge that will allow the phone to run for four hours off a ten minute charge.

It was also believed that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 would come with a curved edge. According to BGR, to balance the appearance, both sides will be slanted.

Late last year, it was rumored that Samsung was working on their own NFC payment system similar to Apple Pay. Those rumors are reportedly true as they launch their built in ‘Samsung Pay’ into the Galaxy S6. A fingerprint scanner will be used to authorize payments, which will work with 90% of the already-existing magnetic stripe terminals. With Samsung Pay being so close to Apple Pay, it seems as if they are confronting the competition head on, ready to crush Apple.

Samsung seems to be making huge changes after their recent decrease in S5 sales and overall mobile profits. Apple, Samsung’s biggest competitor, sold more than double devices over the Christmas season. There has been a huge change in the way consumers pay since Apple Pay’s launch in October. With Samsung Pay and the new appearance, the company just might be able to turn things around. And who knows, maybe they can raise the stakes with Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be announced at its Unpacked event during the Mobile World Congress in March.

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