How to Boost Your Clicks with Irresistible Headlines

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Multiple studies suggest that you have approximately 3 seconds to grab the interest of an online reader before they look elsewhere.

Probably at your competition…

What does that mean? You’d better have a darn good headline.

Fortunately, years of trial and error have filtered out effective headline creation strategies that produce results. Once these fundamentals are understood, it’s simply a matter of practice.

Key Considerations for Your Headlines

Before you choose your cunning words, there are several things to consider. Let’s look at them individually.

  • Who does your headline target? Unusual, quirky language in a corporate environment is not necessarily a good idea. Similarly, structured and straightforward copy may not be an ideal solution for a wacky B2C startup. So consider who your audience is and engage them on their own terms, in their own language.
  • What’s your audience’s pain? The effectiveness of the “pleasure/pain principle” is no sales secret. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t convert. So make it clear in the headline that your solution soothes a specific sore spot.
  • Is your headline congruent with other content? If your headline entices visitors to click on a CTA that then takes them to a page that’s not congruent with the words chose in the headline, it will damage your credibility and increase your bounce rate. So make sure your words and rich media content maintain a certain flow.

With these key considerations in place, here’s a list of 7 strategies that’ll make your headlines sparkle.

Tried and Tested Headline Templates

1. The Benefit Headline – Going straight for the benefit can be incredibly effective, especially if the benefit’s a big one. Rather than mention your product or current offer, let people know what’s in it for them.Remember, specificity sells, so don’t be afraid to include specifics where possible.

Example:”Boost Your Conversion Rate by 78% in Under 3 Weeks”

2. The Offer Headline – When you run your latest promotional offer, don’t be afraid to lead with it in your headline. There will be no problems with lack of congruence on your landing page with such a clear angle. And let’s face it, everyone loves a discount.

Example:“Get Your First 6 Months’ Subscription Completely Free”

3. The Discount Headline – Indeed, discounts are a proven method to significantly increase sales. If you run one, don’t be afraid to include the specific amounts, and remember that a deadline is another great way to squeeze through a few additional clicks.

Example:35% Discount On All Offers – Ends March 31st!”

4. The Testimonial Headline – It’s a great feeling when you get a glowing testimonial from a satisfied customer. Go to any of the great testimonials you’ve amassed, handpick the best quote you can get your hands on. And lead with it in your headline.

Example:“ Now Saves Me $3,600/month on Staffing Costs!”

5. The Question Headline – A number of scientific studies have proven that questions elicit a quantifiable chemical response in our brains. They grab our attention. And that means they’re great for headlines.

The addition of a “?” at the end is not sufficient. Try to think of something that tugs either at people’s heart strings, purse strings or both.

Example: “Are You tired of Being Disappointed by Mediocre, Overpriced Wine?”

6. The “Free” Offer Headline – Everybody loves free stuff. But remember, this method’s been used by some of the less scrupulous online marketers out there. Make sure you’re tasteful about how you use free offers.

Example: “Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card When You Visit For a Consultation”

7. The Guarantee Headline – Guarantees are the perfect way to remove a prospect’s risk from a purchase. If you put together a 100% money-back guarantee, that’s a might strong selling point. Lead with it in your headlines.

Example:“SEO Services with a 100% Money-back Guarantee. No Questions Asked!”

As Always, Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to headlines, it’s a good idea to nail the fundamentals before you deviate from them. However, once you start seeing more consistent results, don’t be afraid to add a little of your own company’s personality to the mix.

Headline writing is a subtle art. And oftentimes, many of the headlines you think will do well actually flop completely. Don’t be disheartened. Commit to mastering the art of headline writing and try to read at least a few articles on the subject every week.

Stick with it, become adept and you’ll develop a skill that pays serious dividends in all of your marketing efforts.

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