Vuzix Makes Deal With Nokia To Incorporate Here Mapping In Its M100 Smartglasses

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M100 Smartglasses

Nokia and Vuzix, the maker of M100 smartglasses, just signed a deal securing licensing to incorporate Nokia’s Here mapping and navigation apps.

The apps will add features such as turn-by-turn walk or drive guidance without the need to connect to the Internet, integration with short-range location devices such as Bluetooth beacons, and public transport maps, all part of their robust location services engine.

Vuzix’s M100 smartglasses, as well as the company’s other smartglasses products, are geared towards the enterprise customer base Vuzix highly values. The company’s president, Paul Travers, hopes that the mapping function will please their customer base.

Vuzix’s target customers have largely been field technicians and factory workers. The company has maintained a clear focus on the enterprise, unlike Google Glass, which is struggling to focus on either consumers or the enterprise.

It has been a week of strategic alliances for the M100 smartglasses maker. Vuzix just shored up its short-term financial future on Friday with a $24.8 million investment from chipmaker Intel. The investment gives Intel a 30% share in the company, while at the same time giving Vuzix the funds needed for its growth plan.

Recently, Lenovo and Vuzix struck a branding deal for the M100 smartglasses in China. Another deal was made between Vuzix and Salesforce under the brand Salesforce Wear for the development of wearable enterprise tools.

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