5 Marketing Tools You May Not Be Using But NEED To NOW!

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Once at an earlier company, my boss asked me this: “how could he keep in touch with the latest and the best social and marketing tools out there?” While many of us may brush that aside as “generation gap”, it’s actually difficult for everyone given the sheer number of tools that are brought to the market each day, here is an old twitter tools for business list we created.

My favorite way to know which tools to test and use is usually by following Twitter experts or blogs and then testing them. While every tool has a USP, you need to find out what works best for your work conditions! Here are a few marketing tools you’re perhaps not using. Start now!

1. Pablo

Why use it: Because not all of us can afford to hire a Picasso! Sorry for the cheesy joke, but really. Pablo by Buffer ensures that it fulfills the promise of helping you create social media images in 30 seconds! You can write the inspirational quotes and use an image from their library or upload your own. You can download the images or directly share them from the Pablo interface. All inclusive it takes less than a minute! You can create images of different types (tall for Pinterest, horizontal for Facebook etc.)

How it works: Choose an image, write your text, add you logo, preview real time and voila! You are now ready to share and download!

2. Portent’s Headline Generator

Why use it: It’s funny, interesting and sometimes comes up with just the spunk my headline needs! And testing and getting ideas for your headlines is free. You will have to work out the grammar after the headline is recommended, but it will give you a great idea to start with. I try it several times to come up with something that I may not have tested before. Sometimes I use different headlines (recommended by Portent and a variation) on Twitter to test which one does better. Re-sharing blog posts with different headlines is something I would personally enjoy doing a lot more of and so should you!

How does it work: Enter the headline of your choice or a bunch of keywords even. Hit enter. Portent comes up with recommendations immediately!

Using Portent

3. Share Tally

Why use it: It’s a quick, simple and easy way to see your social sharing performance all in one go! Share tally ensures that you don’t need to go to all your social portals separately and check how your content has been shared. It includes all the key platforms from Pocket to Facebook in one go and helps you gauge content performance!

How does it work: Enter the specific URL that you’re measuring and hit enter. In a few seconds you entire portfolio of sharing will show up.

4. Keyhole

Why use it: It’s a real time tracking tool that you will absolutely love using. It covers hashtags for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well. With a paid account you can also see historical data. This is important when you’re trying to track brand campaigns and see the impact clearly.

How it works: Enter a keyword/hashtag or URL in a simple search and hit enter. You will see a visual dashboard with data which is downloadable as an XLS/PDF.

Quick Search Dashboard on Keyhole

5. Outbox Pro

Why use it: You don’t have more than 24 hours of time. And you want to get your teams involved. The good thing about Outbox pro is that you can set up your teams, have everyone contribute to and send content for your approval. The email to approve comes to your inbox and you can immediately schedule content! It helps you reduce mistakes and allows you to schedule and share easily with your whole team! The first 100 posts are free and after that it’s the usual $9 monthly plans. You can even pay per post at 25 cents a piece.

How it works: Set teams, create an approver, use the chrome extension to curate content. Once you’re ready optimize content for each network you’ve added up and hit schedule. If you are the approver, it automatically goes to the schedule queue. If you are a contributor/ team member, it will hit the inbox of your approver! And done.

outbox pro optimization

Which are some of the little known plans that you use? Do share with me in the comments!

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