If You Work With Great People, Collaborate More

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Collaboration changes cultureOver the past few years I have really come to appreciate the great people I work with.

Great People have similar people characteristics:

  • Love to learn new ideas
  • Have a passion for the work the company does
  • Want to see others ultimately succeed
  • Understand great client service involves serving needs (internal/external)
  • Introduce problems with potential solutions (Not complaining people)

Less than Stellar People

  • These people are do-it-yourself people (no one can do the job better)
  • They seek glory and power
  • Resistance to change grows each day
  • Believe they are tech-savvy
  • Believe there is a huge difference between management and subordinates and work to keep that distance

Obviously, you are always going to have two groups of people no matter where you work, unless you have a staff of five or less. My advice to you is make sure you are strongly connected to the great people in your company. Make sure you are listening to their needs and understand their positions. In the beginning see if you can work toward small wins for these people and assure them that you always want relationships to improve over time.

Create a Collaborative Culture

When you are looking for big changes like, a new culture, a new service, introducing a new technology or something else extremely big, consider creating a collaborative culture. Pull these people in and begin making some serious changes with “big plans” and start writing a “new chapter” in your business.

Meet together more frequently. Get to the heart of where the biggest issues are and look for ways to make differences that will change things in a revolutionary way. Create a culture of excitement and keep facilitating that excitement by pushing for more. Communicate all the time and stay focused on your direction.

Be a leader in your company and look for others to also lead with respect to their talents and skills. This process will naturally occur as people get more comfortable in this culture.

Once you establish this collaborative culture, you will begin to see even more changes as you look toward your current clients and potential clients. Use the same philosophy and make sure you are listening for ways you can always improve with respect to your client relationships.


The only way I can talk about this topic is because I am watching it happen right in front of my eyes and it can make all the difference! I hope to share more as this culture continues to change in 2015. If you are stuck in a rut with your current culture, consider creating a collaborative culture and start spreading the word today in your company. Look for ways to make your own company a better one and begin listening and sharing ideas with others. Remember, listen first and speak second, you will then not only change the company, you will also change yourself for the better.

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