Yahoo Mail and Outlook for iOS Get Major Updates

2 min read · 7 years ago


Over the past week, both Yahoo and Outlook have added some pretty awesome features, and we’re here to keep you stay updated on what they are! For starters, Yahoo has added a package tracking feature that sends users notifications during each stage of the package delivery process. This is really cool, and also very convenient – there are some apps these days that charge for this service, but with Yahoo, it’s just an added bonus. Take a look below a the top of the image to see the tracking feature.

Another cool tool will be event reminders, which will surely make the lives of Yahoo Mail users much easier. So far, Yahoo has announced that event sites like Eventbrite, Fandango, Ticketmaster and more are already integrated. Once a user sees the event at the top of their inbox (see below), they can dismiss it whenever they would like.

As for Outlook for iOS – Microsoft has updated their awesome mail app to now allow for a more deeply integrated experience with office apps. In the words of Microsoft, these updates are “designed to make it easier than ever to collaborate on and share Office documents on the go… Outlook for iOS now opens Office documents sent as attachments directly in their respective apps, replacing simple viewers we previously used.” Take a look at the example below. You can see the option to “Open in PowerPoint” and “Open in word.” If your iOS device does not have those apps, then they will automatically be opened in a simple viewer.

One of the greatest updates is the ability to edit documents from your phone on-the-go. After opening a file, and after users make changes, they can simply click the back button for a now-updated file to be added as a new attachment. Check it out below. These updates will be coming to android in the coming months!

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