Reach More Customers Through Authority Marketing

3 min read · 7 years ago


shutterstock_190471358A reputation for brands and businesses have traditionally been driven through word-of-mouth as authority and trust are established. This can explode your conversions like nothing else, and is even more powerful with the use of online tools and social media. In order to effectively reach your customers in a meaningful way it’s important to understand what makes them tick.

How can your brand best reach its community? Through a personal understanding of their needs that answers their questions and solves their problems. Personalized marketing allows us to connect with our customers far beyond the subscribe page, follow, and ‘Like.’ You can use your communication online as way to build authority for your brand and grow your bottom line.

In today’s social media driven world a personal brand should get on the same level as its audience and customers, and be a go-to source for them.

How Authority Marketing Attracts More Customers for Brands

Not only should a personal brand offer great customer service online, but also provide meaningful content. Here are three (3) key factors to spreading the word on your business:

• Focus on the right networks – Social media is a vast place, and it’s important to understand where your customers are interacting the most. Depending on your niche a helpful email marketing campaign could be effective while answering questions on Twitter and Facebook might work better for industries such as retail markets, sports brands, magazines ect.

• Evaluate your website – Many people will trust a personal brand just based on their landing page and content. It’s important to have an attractive, and easy-to-follow website that offers clear, quality content that meets the needs of your target market. Menus especially should be simple to follow and click along with prominent social sharing buttons, and an optin area to capture leads.

• Research the competition – As your personal brand establishes credibility and trust, so are your other industry players. Take the time to learn about the type of content they offer, and how well your niche is responding. You can discover a lot about your industry with target market research as well as tracking conversations on social media.

As authority marketing continues to grow online it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends in your niche, and nurture your customer relationships. Pay attention to what generates the most favorable responses while addressing the needs of the audience. Always remember that fresh original content is going to show your brand’s expertise that your customers will want to share.