Create A Stand-Out Landing Page for Your Personal Brand

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shutterstock_138160472Getting your website noticed is essential when it comes to building a personal brand. A clear and attractive message must be in place in order to capture your visitors’ attention right away. If you are no longer receiving new subscribers then it’s time to take another look at your branding message.

How can brands both capture and retain website subscribers? While advertising is one piece of the puzzle your landing page should be the first priority. This is the first impression people will have with your personal brand, and will either cause them to leave or come back for more information.

Not only is the loading speed of your brand’s website important, but also the design, which should be easily adaptable to mobile. Capturing your leads should also be in a prominent place, and offer something of value to your readers.

A Stand-Out Landing Page Must-Haves

Creating a nicely designed website is just the start to building your personal brand online. Here are some tips on how to reach the most subscribers:

• Do target market research first – Before developing your brand’s content take the time to discover what the key interests are of your target market. What needs or desires do they have? Where do they come from? What are the social demographics? With a thorough understanding your website can be ahead of the competition by offering something that others are not in your industry.

• Make your products or services irresistable – Your personal brand has something unique to offer. A strong call-to-action statement with a clear message and great graphics will attract your reader’s’ attention and cause them to want to know more.

• Create a topic series – One sure way to gain repeat visitors to your website is to develop a series of blog posts on a topic of interest that speaks to their pain points. These can include infographics, slideshows, videos, and free reports, which can all be built up into a product offer later on.

An attractive and interesting landing page for your personal brand is just the start to capturing leads. By keeping in communication with your readers with updates and offers your company is building value. Be true to your mission statement and create personalized emails that will compel your leads to become customers.

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