Keep Sales Fluid Using These 5 tips

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shutterstock_151096337If you have ever felt repelled by someone then you will appreciate the idea of magnetic communication. The style of attracting interest first in you and then in the business services you provide. The concept stems from observation of the demeanor of others and how welcoming they appear upfront.


It is the facial expressions and body language of another that we find either inviting or one to avoid. Assuming it is a positive attraction, the next step is conversation. The test becomes whether we are spoken down to or treated as a respected equal. These are mini tests to see if it is worth our while to pursue a conversation to develop a deeper relationship and potentially business.


In preparation for your next meeting or networking event consider ahead whether you naturally smile, inquire of the endeavors of others, ask probing questions, and delve in conversation to find areas of common interest. Doing all of this is the basis for building a sound relationship.


You may have an initial meeting but at the end disappointment may set in upon hearing, “not now”. These words should immediately be followed up with, “that’s fine, tell me when a better time might be.” Then make note of it. “Not Now” leaves the window of opportunity open


The single biggest reason most salespeople lose the sale is due to lack of follow-up. They get cold feet feeling afraid that they may be turned down again or that the phone received may be slammed down upon calling.  So they scratch the contact off their list. This is obviously a lose-lose procedure.

The number one key to growing sales is follow-up.

Without the perseverance, you may as well give up your endeavor.

Update Exchange

Upon hearing your prospect’s voice, remind him that he told you to call on this particular date and at the given time. Then ask if the timing is still good and suggest that you would like to hear his updates. This almost always encourages the person to agree to the conversation.

Friendly follow-up encourages further dialogue

Second Chance

Most likely you surprised the person with the follow-up given most freeze in this regard. So if your prospect does not have a lot of time to spare for sharing news, ask for a firm meeting time. The follow-up alone sets the ambience and the beginning for developing a sound relationship.

Professionalism coupled with Thoughtfulness advances the sale


The above guidelines work to your favor for building credibility followed by trust. Once this develops, you are well on your way to securing the sale.

People buy from those they know like and trust

This sales style is more about building friendships and then migrating to the sale. After all, the first sale isn’t what truly matters. The bigger vision is building your personal brand in order to earn the trust. Your reward is to then earn repeat business, referrals and testimonials known as the Smooth Sale!

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