App creates instant chatroom for any website

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Websites often contain comments sections where customers can leave feedback or other commentaries, but for the ones that don’t, the Talk About Jack app turns any webpage into an active chatroom.

The app integrates into users’ browsers, and they can open it to create a chatroom for specific websites that they want to discuss, be it a piece of journalism or a product page. Talk About Jack will show users any others who are exploring that site, and conversation can begin. It also enables users to see which websites have the most traffic and chats, so they can join buzzing chatrooms. Interesting conversations are archived and shared via a feature called ‘Fetzes’ (short for gesprächsfetzen, which is German for ‘bits of conversation’). However, users can opt out of having their chats archived via privacy settings, and their browser history is not stored unless the app is activated. There are plans to allow companies to use the platform to engage in customer support when users visit their website.

By allowing users to generate organic, independent chatrooms, Talk About Jack creates a new way for brands to learn more about their customers. Could websites use conversation data to improve content?


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