Daily songs, curated by real people

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Discovering new music isn’t just about the listening experience, it’s about sharing that with like-minded people. A Song A Day is a new platform with “a rag-tag team of curators”, who will pick songs based on users’ preferences and deliver them to their inboxes.

Users sign up by entering their favorite genre. Based on their interest, specialist curators will send out daily songs in the form of Youtube clips, and add a brief note. Anyone can apply to be a curator by completing a survey, vetted by founder Shannon Byrne, then spend 3-5 hours a week compiling recommendations. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Byrne will be careful not to completely automate the service, saying, “There’s nothing more important to me than keeping the human touch in this project.”

As music increasingly digitizes, with the giants Spotify and Youtube using AI to curate playlists by beat matching or otherwise, this is a platform that enables music recommendations between humans. Could similar platforms work for films, books, or art?


Website: www.asongaday.co
Contact: www.twitter.com/asongadayco

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