On-demand handyman via text or Facebook Messenger

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In Finland, mobile handyman trucks drive around the city playing a jingle so anyone needing small jobs done can stop them for help. But for the generation of text-ers, Pro.com has a text-a-pro service they can use.

Users can text the service if they need a faucet installation or other small repairs or projects. Texts are replied to by real people, who ask users a few basic details about the job they require. These ‘home project managers’ then arrange a time for a licensed professional to do the deed at the user’s convenience. Users receive details of their professional, with background checks on reliability and insurance cover provided. Standard jobs are charged at flat rates, and users receive price details upfront. Pro.com guarantees the price of another professional to improve the job if the user is not satisfied first time around. If users would rather not use up their phone bill texting, a Facebook Messenger service is also available.

Pro.com arranges prices and trusted professionals quickly, without the user having to research and compare prices themselves. Could other small services be arranged by text message, too?

Website: www.pro.com/text
Contact: support@pro.com

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