Platform informs parents on video game content

2 min read · 7 years ago



Video games are an integral part of young peoples’ lives, but with many games containing violent scenes, how can parents stay in tune with what their children are playing? GameHub is a platform that enables users to search for any available video game across all platforms — their database will tell users everything they need to know about the content, written in clear, simple, jargon-less English.

Some games are age-restricted similar to the films, but just why a game receives such age ratings is often unclear to older generations. GameHub enables parents to be well-informed without having to play the games themselves or observe their children playing, so they can decide whether a particular game is suitable before purchasing. Users can receive a detailed breakdown of familiar areas of concern, such as violence, drug references and strong language, but also info on gender, racial and LGBQT representation. GameHub content is written by video games experts, providing users with insight not usually gained from review sites, including how long gameplay takes and how social multiplaying works for particular titles.

GameHub is keeping those unfamiliar with video games informed, aiding understanding with an industry that contains many franchises of a violent nature. Could platforms exist to keep parents informed of other industries, for example, popular teen websites and social media?


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