Spontaneous, weather-specific flights made simple

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With more airlines offering budget flights, people are increasingly choosing to travel on a whim. Usually this involves trawling several sites to find the right destination and flight deals, but Corner is an app that promises to simplify the whole process.

Users enter the dates they wish to travel, and are then presented with a list of destinations based on available flights. They can filter flights in a number of ways, such as flight duration, weather, and pricing. Without having to leave the app, users can explore cheaper flight options, which are clearly displayed via a color-coded calendar. Booking, payment and flight information are all made possible within the app. And because Corner receives a commission for each flight booked with their travel agent partners, users don’t experience surcharges or adverts when using the service.

By offering users simple, quick options for deciding a destination all within the app, Corner is meeting the demands of the modern travel market. Could other services be streamlined in single apps?

Website: www.cornerapp.com
Contact: support@cornerapp.com

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