Dutch pop-up restaurant only serves home cooked meals

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A restaurant without a kitchen might seem like something of a oxymoron, but for one weekend earlier this month, a pop-up in Amsterdam’s Ijburg district was exactly that. Created by Dutch design agency Golfstromen, Ijburg Serveert — which translates to Ijburg Serves — celebrated the district’s community of hobby cooks and the thriving culture of peer-to-peer sharing.


The beachside restaurant hosted three evenings of three-course meals over one weekend. Local cooks were recruited to prepare their signature dishes in their homes and the food was then collected and delivered to diners by cyclists from the TringTring delivery service.


There are a growing number of platforms that celebrate and encourage ‘neighbor cooking’ in the US and the UK. Could the Ijburg Serves pop-up work as a longterm business model?

Website: www.ijburgserveert.nl
Contact: contact@ijburgserveert.nl

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