Interactive billboards stop London’s litterers

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It costs local authorities up to GBP 850 million each year to clean up the rubbish on British streets. In an attempt to address this, environmental charity Hubbub launched their Neat Streets campaign, in an attempt to discourage littering through a series of interactive, playful billboards and talking bins.


The campaign includes ‘join-the-gum’ advertisements — which reformed litterers can stick their gum on to reveal pictures — voting ashtrays that encourage smokers to vote on various sports questions with their used cigarettes, a talking garbage can, and a flashmob, who celebrate members of the public who pick up other people’s litter.

Neat Streets is currently taking place on one street in Westminster, London, but other organizations can soon run their own campaigns around the country, using Hubbub’s tools and findings. How else could anti-social behavior be tackled using interactive advertising?


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