Modular roofing panels are an affordable, eco-friendly alternative

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In slums and villages around the world, over one billion people lack adequate roofing, making their homes insecure and unsafe. Now, Indian engineering startup ReMaterials has created a viable alternative to corrugated cement and metal sheets, which are currently the most widely used roofing materials. ReMaterial’s ModRoof is an affordable, modular roofing system that is constructed from recycled materials including packaging and agricultural waste.

ModRoof is comprised of multiple individual panels made from cardboard waste and coconut fibers, which are held together by a natural binder. The modular format makes the product easy to ship, install and replace. The colorful roofing system provides inhabitants with much needed protection against the elements — including heat in the summer and vast amounts of rain in monsoon season. It comes at a significantly lower cost than the alternative: concrete slabs which cost about USD 7 – USD 10 per square foot are an unaffordable option for most families. ModRoof costs about USD 3.10 per square foot and ReMaterials has partnered with a number of micro-finance groups to enable customers to take out small loans to buy the system.


How else could recycled material be used to improve homes in poor communities?


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