Eco-friendly sailboat is a co-working space at sea

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Co-working spaces have come a long way in recent years, and they are about to go a whole lot further with Coboat — a retrofitted sailing catamaran, now providing beds and workspaces for up to 20 adventurous entrepreneurs at a time. Coboat enables inhabitants to live, sleep, work and network onboard the eco-friendly, wifi-enabled boat, all while sailing the seven seas.


Coboat is a self sustaining 82-foot catamaran that runs on solar and wind-powered electricity, and desalinated ocean water. It provides living and working space for inhabitants as well as unlimited wifi — provided by 3G and 4G along coastlines and satellite-based communications at sea. Passengers are encouraged to collaborate with their fellow travelers in their unusual work and play environment, and engage with the community on and offshore.


Coboat is sailing between various global destinations in the next 12 months, including Sri Lanka, Turkey and the Canary Islands. Tickets start at EUR 980 per person for a seven day voyage — which includes accommodation in a shared cabin, three meals a day and use of waterspout equipment. We have seen everything from communal front room office spaces to hot desks in Dutch caravans. What other unusual spaces could be used as innovation hubs?


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