Biscuit company encourages compliments at traffic lights

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After the success of their Feeding New Friends campaign, where designated bus seats encouraged socializing, Zeze Biscuits have been working with Mark+ to bring another experience-based advertising campaign to the streets of Brazil.

The campaign, entitled “Elogios na Sinaleira” — Compliments at the Traffic Lights — involves interactive stickers placed on lamp posts at pedestrian crossings. People are invited to choose — from a list of compliments — the one that best suits the person on the other side of the road, and place a green magnet over their chosen description. The collaborative campaign is designed to produce genuine moments of positive feelings in the real world, which consumers thereafter associate with Zeze Biscuits.

Disruptive urban advertising creates immersive situations for consumers, taking a real-world approach to brand association. What other methods could immersive advertising employ?


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