Recruitment platform replaces resumes with personal stories

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There are countless jobs for which personality, social skills and interests are more important than previous work experience and educational history. Now, Sumry is a new recruitment tool that enables users to present themselves as an individual and highlight their strengths, rather than attempt to fit themselves into a pre-made resume template.

To begin, users write a Sumry, detailing their story, passions and character. They can include images, videos, blog posts and social media activity: anything that conveys their personality and experience to potential employers. Once complete, users can send their Sumry to businesses via ‘Introductions’, accompanied by a short message. Sumrys can be used to apply for any job online that accepts applications by email or PDF. Users can also keep track of their applications on the platform, which will inform them when recipients have received and opened their ‘Introduction.’

Companies including Apple, Google and Instagram are already using Sumry as part of their recruitment process. A Sumry Pro account costs USD 7 per month. We have seen a number of other resume alternatives recently, such as a visual blogging platform for freelancers and game-based recruitment tests. How else could HR departments adapt their recruitment processes to better suit specific jobs?


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