Superhero-themed bionic hands for young amputees

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With the advent of 3D printing, the options for those in need of a prosthetic hand have significantly broadened. We have already written about E-Nable — the volunteer-run network which matches people in need of prosthetic hands with designers and makers who can print them. Now, Open Bionics have created a trio of superhero-themed bionic hands that can help youngsters transform their difference into something to take pride in.


The three designs were created as part of Techstars’ Disney Accelerator program, which provides funds, resources and royalty-free access to Disney imagery for selected startups. Open Bionics created a Jedi lightsaber hand, a red, bionic Iron Man-style hand, and a design inspired by Elsa, the heroine of Frozen, which is complete with baby blue sparkles.

The models borrow some features from Open Bionics’ previous design — the Dextrus hand, whose file is available to download and 3D print for free. They all use ABS — a durable material that is significantly cheaper than the titanium and carbon fiber used in traditional prosthetics, and they utilize feedback sensors in the fingertips, which control the users’ grip.

What other disability aids could be given a child-friendly update?


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