7 Steps to Revamp and Fuel Business

3 min read · 7 years ago


shutterstock_271988387Most likely you will agree that some weeks are better than others. In fact, some days and weeks are ones we wish we never experienced. The one culprit at the center of these unfortunate incidents is miscommunication.

The biggest problem in front of us when miscommunication arises is the fact that we do not want to deal with it. Instead, frustration is allowed to run wild and it usually results in anger. The anger then has us never wanting to talk to the other person again. Even worse are the associated negative thoughts such as the idea of quitting.

Without the perseverance you may as well give up your endeavor.

How to Avoid Quitting:


Leave blame out of the conversation. Diplomatically suggest your ideas for resolving the issue and also ask for the other person’s thoughts. The idea of moving forward in harmony is likely to encourage getting the problem resolved.

Hard Fact

When you actually give up, all of the possibility you envisioned will vanish. The question becomes are you at a spot where you will be okay with that? If the answer is “no” then deeper thought needs to be given to the dilemma and how to best proceed. It is perseverance that will save the day.

Hard Decision

On occasion what you believe you agreed to turns out to be something entirely different. Give considerable thought to the project in terms of it being in alignment with your vision for the long-term or if appears not to fit that any longer. You may need to pull away in order to free up time to find an improved solution.


Instead of beating yourself up for seemingly making a foolish decision this may not necessarily be the case. When something does not perform, as you originally believed it should, there is always a lesson to be learned. These collective lessons make us wiser and prepare us to doing better in the future.

Time Off

Should you be truly concerned about continuing your business then take time off to enjoy life around you. Allow your mind to wander and reminisce about all of your most memorable experiences. This list should include both the worst and the best. Analyze the list for what each category has in common.


Given you have a common thread of what you do not like, you will know what to avoid in the future. Now there is time to take the best of what you have achieved and convert that into something even more meaningful. Doing this will greatly increase the motivation to continue persevering through all the curve balls that life has to offer.


The irony of all these poor circumstance is that once we are past the hurdles pride in achievement is felt. And now you are positioned to make greater strides than if the event had never happened.

Clientele and peers see you advancing more quickly and beyond previous expectations. Your perseverance works favorably for building a strong personal brand and much credibility. In turn, your faith in you becomes stronger than ever and leads to the Smooth Sale!