Turn Grief into Community Service

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shutterstock_168157019On occasion life hands us circumstances that we would not wish on others. But when we are dealt a blow it needs to be dealt with careful thought and proactively. Two such situations arose just this week. Personal insights based upon an experience of over a decade ago provided insight for the two people facing the unexpected.

Personal Story

As a broken neck brought the “best-case” prediction of paralysis, two visions interrupted that thought. The vision of community service and becoming a speaker had me deep in thought. A plan was mentally prepared as surgery loomed ahead. It was the vision, the plan, and sales skills that brought about the title of “walking miracle” the very next day.

Community Service

You have an expertise and unique approach that no one else may lay claim to. So when disaster strikes, convert those lessons learned into helping others in similar circumstances plus those following in your footsteps. They will look to you as a leader. Committing to this type of leadership will help you to build a very strong personal brand and ultimately a well-recognized business.

Move Painful Circumstances to Service

The most recent news of the Northern California fire revealed many were left homeless. A financial manager was caught with her neighborhood being burned down. New friends in the community shelter are now being made.

It was suggested to “Sally” that she donate some of her time to helping her new friends get back on their feet as a goodwill gesture. Results of doing this:

  • Friends and community will be well served
  • Sound friendships will develop in the process
  • Sally will become a recognized leader in her new community
  • No doubt some people will have money to invest with Sally once they have rebuilt their lives

Turn Grief into A New Venue

“Dan” suffered immensely witnessing his beloved wife of many years begin to deteriorate and eventually pass. His grief touched the soul of those he knew. But Dan’s approach to dealing with the situation is different from most.

In his email, Dan revealed he will be traveling to revisit the favorite spots where he and his wife had vacationed together. He plans to recapture fond memories. The experience will be a two-step process for Dan.

The second step will be to become a spokesperson for other seniors with insights on dealing with grief, and offering inspirational thought on ways for dealing with it. No doubt this segment of his business will have a large audience and be highly successful.

Business Lesson Learned: Maintain Your Bigger Picture At All Times

Don’t give up but find a better way.

Open minds walk through open doors.

Be willing to give your vision of success everything you have.

With the italicized sentiments in mind, remember that struggles aren’t always major. However attention does need to be given to finding a better way to improve upon your concerns.  Accordingly, do you have ideas that may be repurposed or revitalized to create something new, bigger and/or better better?

Weighing in on these ideas and embracing one or two will put you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!

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