Use Book Launch to Promote Your Next Personal Brand

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shutterstock_241387240Publishing is a great way to promote your brand and build expertise. Not only can you create a buzz about your message, but attract new clients. So if you haven’t written a short (or long) book, yet -put that on your to-do list.  Once completed, it takes the right promotion strategy to make this successful for both print and digital books.

Would you like more visibility for your next publication? Amazon alone is just a small piece of the marketing puzzle. By being active on social media with a professional website and blog your personal brand can direct readers to your book.

Pre-release book launches are the next step after building your community and reputation online. Even with a low budget your brand can encourage a high level of expectation and attract readers before you book is published.

How to Create a Stand-Out Book Campaign

There are several ways you can plan a book launch event to build an audience for your upcoming release.

• Reach out to book bloggers – Get involved with book reviewers where your brand’s audience are active readers. Communicate on their blogs and join groups on places like Goodreads where you can post helpful information and interact with readers. This can all lead up to a book giveaway event with a specific timeframe, and open the door of opportunity for bloggers to review your work.

• Host a webinar – Your personal brand can build up an audience for your upcoming release by hosting a free webinar or live streaming event. By highlighting some of the main points and providing valuable information people will want to know more about your book, which increases your chances of a sale.

• Take advantage of Amazon’s pre-release option – Authors can sell their books on Amazon before their publication is released. This option is a good way to generate a buzz for your brand and anticipation for your book.

• Invest in online advertising – Social media offers more ad options that brands can take advantage of at a low cost. Both Facebook and Twitter have affordable rates for short timeframes, and now both Instagram and Facebook are allowing a buy button for mobile users. This may be well worth the investment to kick off an awareness online for your book.

A successful book launch involves building the right relationships and having a solid marketing strategy in place. Make preparations a few months in advance before you begin your promotion, and take advantage of your existing fan base with pre-release announcements that encourage your community to share.

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