Passion For Career Or Hobbies, Or No Passion At All?

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PassionPassion is a term that is thrown around a lot these days:

  • Some of you have passion for your career
  • Some of you have a passion for the arts, literature or music which is fulfilled outside of work
  • Some are searching for passion and cannot seem to find it

When I wrote the post What If You Are Not Passionate About Anything? back in 2012, I did not know it would be one of the most found posts on the Career Pivot blog. It is found through Google Search hundreds of times each month.

Passion For Your Career

When I left home, I was not expected to follow my passion. I was expected to get an education and then get a good paying job. Did I know what I was passionate about when I was 18—or even 21—years of age?

Heck no!

It took me many years to get out of the box and start to explore my passions. For me, it was a near fatal bicycle accident shook me to the core.

I know I am not all that unusual. A lot of my clients are searching for their passion, too.

Passion For The Arts, Music, Or Literature

Over the last three years, I have met many who had a passion for the arts, music, or literature. Many of them dropped those passions because they could not make enough money and have success by pursuing them as a career.

Some dropped them completely and, in the process, made themselves miserable. Others pursued their passions as a hobby—singing or playing in church, drawing, or reading all of the time.

I have helped a few clients reignite their passion by encouraging them to just do it. I wrote about Susan in The Arts and Your Career. Susan had been a photographer early in her working career, but eventually gave it up. Since then, she has taken it up again and now it feeds her soul.

No Passion At All

I wrote the post “What If You Are Not Passionate About Anything?” based on my Birkman assessment. I have a lot of varied interests and I switch jobs frequently. I have no one single passion that drives me and my career. It is a combination of interests that drives me.

I have discovered 10-20 percent of the population are just like me. Society tells us that we should have a single driving passion. Well, that is just not true for some of us.

As many of us approach retirement age, a new concept has arisen—an encore career! A new opportunity to pursue our passion.

Where do you fall in this continuum of passion?

Are you interested in figuring out your passion and make a pivot to a new encore career?

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