Steam FPS Counter Released In Beta Form

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PC gamers don’t need to worry about finding alternate ways to track their frames-per-second rate, as the Steam FPS counter is finally in beta form and ready for use. For those unfamiliar with FPS and why it’s so important, especially for gamers, it’s how many images are shown per-second during a movie or game. Every movie or game is composed of thousands of images, and each second has X number of images strung together to give the appearance of fluid movement. Most tech is still at 30 frames per second, but moving up to 60 frames per second is ideal for games, as the movies and gameplay seem to blend together seamlessly.

Using the above information, it’s no secret why gamers are happy with the Steam FPS counter. Steam is known to have tons of online competitive games where smooth textures are important. You don’t want laggy images when going against other people, otherwise that one second lag might mean losing the match. Just like with watching T.V, users want smooth images that transition well together.

Right now, the Steam FPS counter feature is only available if you allow it to be used. You need to go to settings, then account, then choose the Steam Beta Update. After the download, you can go to settings, then in-game, then check the box for game frames/sec (FPS). The next game you launch will show a counter on the top-left of the screen that shows how many frames-per-second your PC is hitting.

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It’s subtle and not in-your-face. My computer is able to run basic games at 60 FPS, while switching over to Skyrim fluctuates between 35 and 60 FPS. It’s a neat way to see how powerful your computer is, if you need to tinker with settings at all, among other valuable pieces of info you can take from it. It’s still in beta form, so hopefully the Steam FPS counter will only become more accurate with time. I haven’t seen any issues yet, and I’m glad to have this feature built-in to the program finally.

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