Setting Higher Expectations

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higher expectationsPeople are afraid to set the bar too high…Why is this?

Over the last few months, I have been studying some great companies and having some interesting discussions. What I am finding is that many people are setting their project expectations very low when it comes to serving their clients. They are basically using a prevent defense and watching the recent transactions to make sure those numbers do not move to far from the typical normal process. It is the easy way out and frankly many people are starting to see through this type of approach and if you dig deeper, you may uncover all kinds of issues. If you find yourself in protective mode, they are usually not growing and they are trying to hold on to what they currently have. As a result, their business is suffering and their profits are falling off very quickly.

Next, I am seeing the great companies are planning for exponential growth. They are looking for opportunities to work with clients and ultimately get a win-win-win scenario for their clients. Win-win used to be the norm. I will help you, you will help me and we will both benefit. It is the approach most people use today. It is an old, tried and true method which sometimes works and sometimes does not work.

Using a win-win-win approach adds one more important factor, clients. Both companies win and both companies will be able to gain more clients as a result of their transaction which ultimately results in huge wins for the clients.

To get to a win-win-win strategy, means knowing and understanding your clients’ needs better. In the past, it was not proper to ask for this information and many companies were not willing to share this type of information. Now, companies are understanding the real value of relationships and how critical it is to truly understand the wants and needs of clients and to better understand their processes. This information is really the key driver to setting the bar higher for all of our relationships with clients outside and working relationships inside our office.

Going forward in 2015 – Getting more personal

The economy is showing signs of getting weaker once again. If you pay attention to the recent economic figures in 2015, you would think we do not have much of a chance to succeed. For me, this signals a huge awakening and a time to roll up my sleeves and set the bar higher than before. There are so many opportunities to serve clients and make a difference in our companies. Only a few will recognize this and see results. If you surround yourself with great people, you can really learn a lot and it will help you see where you can go in the future. Keep connecting and setting the bar high if you want to see your company grow in the future. Look for win-win-win possibilities to start and strive to learn more from your current clients. They are your rock and foundation for growth.

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