10 Must-Have Apps for Inbound Marketing Pros

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inbound marketing appsRaise your hand if you’ve ever wished you could super-charge your productivity.

Pretty much every inbound marketing professional I know is continually seeking opportunities to supercharge the work they’re able to get done. As a marketing strategist, apps can make it easy to perform the following actions on the go:

  • Curating content resources for social media and research
  • Taking notes for client strategies and content ideas
  • Editing photos for social media
    Publishing social media posts
  • Checking real-time web analytics

And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mobile apps and their potential for revolutionizing the way marketers approach their jobs. While  no two mobile addicts are the same, this blog contains a list of apps that could absolutely revolutionize the way you work. Many of the options listed below are even available for both Android and iPhone users:

1. Sales: Sidekick

sidekick appimage credit: hubspot

If your role as an inbound marketer involves sales or a high-volume of external communications, HubSpot’s Sidekick app could be a game changer. The app notifies users each time they’re email is read; providing you with rich behavioral insights on your prospects and clients.

The app also currently allows users to access and review detailed profiles of email contacts; which can include job title, company name, revenue, and other firmographic or demographic characteristics. In the near future, the app will even make sales follow-up significantly easier thanks to a soon-to-be-released email scheduling feature!

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2. Visual Content: Over

inbound marketing appsimage credit: over

There’s no shortage of apps for creating photo edits. However, Over is a beloved favorite among many professionals because it’s super simple to use. The results are also nothing short of stunning.

Simply upload or snap a photo from your mobile device, and use Over’s mobile capabilities to add gorgeous text or visual overlays. Within minutes or even seconds, you’ll have a gorgeous, descriptive piece of visual content that’s ready to add to your blog or share on your social media channels.

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3. Visual Content: Canva

inbound marketing appsimage credit: canva

Could we even discuss visual content tools without mentioning Canva? First launched as a website in 2012, Canva recently surpassed 2,000,000 members. Think of it as photoshop lite; it’s a highly intuitive way to edit photos, create collages, and other forms of visual content marketing.

While this free app is currently only available for iPad users, we’ve got our fingers crossed that an Android version will be released in the very near future.

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4. Productivity: Evernote

evernote app

image credit: evernote

It’s way too easy to get disorganized, especially in the world of marketing. It’s not uncommon to forget brilliant ideas for blog content or campaigns when you’re also focused on trying to remember details about email, blogs, social media, lead nurturing, and so much more. While Evernote wasn’t designed with marketers in mind, it’s certainly become an almost-ubiquitous tool for productivity and personal organization.

If you haven’t yet adopted the Evernote app, considering the following features. Some could surprise you:

  • Talk-to-Text recording for super-simple blogging
  • Ability to download notebooks for offline access
  • Business travel planning, including reimbursement organization
  • Tons of templates for meeting agendas, notes, and more

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5. Internal Communications: Slack

slack appimage credit: slack

Email isn’t optimal, especially for busy professionals. It’s easy for important messages and files to get buried in your inbox. The Inbound Marketing Agents team uses Slack for internal communications and file sharing. Not only is it super easy to set up conversation “streams” around a topic with one or more coworkers, the file sharing functionality is lightning fast. It even integrates with dozens of tools you’re probably already using, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, and Zendesk.

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6. Content Discovery: Daily

inbound marketing apps

image credit: daily/buffer

Did you know there was an app described as “Tinder for content”? It’s true. The brilliant minds at Buffer recently released Daily, which is an easy-to-use content discovery tool specifically built with busy marketing professionals in mind.

Just open the app to find a stream of high-quality articles and blogs, which are algorithmically selected according to user interests, industry, and other factors. To share a piece of content to your social media channels, simply swipe right. To pass on the opportunity to share, swipe left.  Social media management has never been so easy!

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  • Apple

7. Professional Development: Overcast

inbound marketing appsimage credit: overcast

Think of this app as something of a search engine for podcasts. If you’re digging for new resources for professional development and learning, use the app’s super-simple search functionality to discover new podcast resources. If you find something that fascinates you, it’s easy to build a playlist, download the files, and listen on-the-go. Imagine how much more you could learn with high-quality marketing education pre-loaded on your Apple device?

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8. Professional Development: Ted

inbound marketing appsimage credit: ted

Marketers almost never have down time. If they do, there’s a good chance they’re digging up some new blogs to read, interacting on social media, or otherwise staying plugged into the rapidly-changing scenery of technology today.

Make your professional education a little easier to manage with the help of the official Ted app. Users gain convenient access to the entire library of Ted talks, which means you can search topically for inspiration whenever you find yourself with a free moment.

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9. Analytics: Google Analytics

inbound marketing appsimage credit: google analytics

Total access to all of your Google analytics profiles and reports from a free, convenient, and simple-to-use mobile app? Sign me up. Learning real-time insights on your website’s health takes seconds with this app, which provides users mobile access to all of their custom reporting and view preferences. It’s generally recommended to first optimize your account via your desktop, and then using the App for 24/7, convenient insights within seconds.

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10. Total Inbound Marketing Management: HubSpot

inbound marketing apps

HubSpot customers are lucky enough to gain access to the mobile app, which is basically tantamount to a total marketing management platform. The platform includes a data dashboard for total oversight of your analytics, a website grader, email analytics, and social monitoring.

It’s easy to track your marketing campaigns and strategize in real-time with this app, which provides complete oversight to your brand’s digital presence.

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Do you use apps as an integral part of your digital marketing role? What are some of the apps you prefer, and how do you use them?

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