Two Major Marketing Automation Myths

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Recently I shared marketing automation myths and the real truths behind them. In case you missed it, watch the recording here, check out the slidesread some of my myths, and get ready for two more crucial marketing lessons right here.

One Nurturing Campaign Fits All Scenarios — FALSE! 

Nurturing campaigns are a new marketing science. I’ve written many articles on this, and the chart below will show you exactly how to look at nurturing from a goal, and suggested execution, standpoint. Nurturing campaigns are more akin to football plays, than they are email campaigns. They are only triggered in specific scenarios, and only to a single person. So they should be created with a goal in mind, and optimized for this goal via tactical means.

Problem/Goal Type of Drip Program Cold database 3-2-1 Automate Lead Nurturing Stage-Specific Drip Event Pre and Post Follow-ups Event-Specific Drop Cold Marketing Lead Drip 3-2-1 Cold Sales Drip Straight Drip Competitive Drip Straight Drip Lost Deal Drip Straight Drip

Marketing Automation Is Only For Marketing — FALSE! 

Marketing automation will change the way your entire business operates. Maybe not today, but overtime expect to see every department in your organization benefiting from the full value of marketing automation.

Sales will instantly have access to the hottest leads with lead nurturing programs specifically for their cold calling, lost deals, etc. They will also have real-time notifications which will give them instant insight into who to call and when. It changes the way a salesperson operates, and greatly increases their efficiency.

Support will be able to build nurturing campaigns, which can be triggered from closed tickets. Each closed ticket will be able to have follow up over time, and notify the support rep should any issues occur. This will also allow for automated measurement of your progress and success. This helps to scale the support touch points, and increases the relationship you are building throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

Executives will now be able to see the value in marketing. Most people think ROI reporting is really what the executives want, and it is true that they want to see the value they are getting for their investment, but they don’t really care about the ROI on the email campaign. They want to know how many more sales cycles are they going to have this year, what are the projected revenues next quarter, and how many leads will be passing to sales next month. These are the reports you will be able to pull for them with a marketing automation solution.

These are just two of the myths which people have about marketing automation. Watch the full webinar below.

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