3 Remarketing Campaigns Every Company Should Implement

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Remarketing is an AdWords feature which lets you show ads to visitors who have previously visited your website.

Remarketing is an effective advertising tactic because it lets you target users who have shown interest in your product or service and encourage them to revisit to your website and perform certain actions, such as completing a sale or download an eBook.

Organizations such as Loews Hotels saw an increase in revenue 60 percent and bookings by 57 percent and a decrease in cost-per-acquisition by nine percent after launching a remarketing campaign for Cyber Monday two years ago.

Remarketing is most effective when you segment your pages and show different ads to visitors who have been to different pages of your website. For example, you can show one set of ads to visitors who have been to your product or service page and another set to users who have been to your contact page. This segmentation will help you target your audience better and gain a better return from your campaign.

To segment your visitors, create remarketing lists. A remarketing list lets you specify the audience you want to target. For example, you can create a remarketing list to target only visitors who has been to Product A page and another list to target only visitors who have visit your About Us page.

Once you have created customized remarketing list you can launch remarketing campaigns.

Here are three remarketing campaigns you should create:

1. Seasonal Or Event-Based Remarketing Campaign

Launch a remarketing campaign to build promote your current sales events to your previous web visitors.

For example, Coastal Contacts was using remarketing to promote its Cyber Monday sale.

sales-specific remarketingTo launch a seasonal or event-based remarketing campaign, first create customized ads based on the sales event you’re promoting and then select Main List, a remarketing list that contains all visitors to your website, as your remarketing list.

2. Product Or Service-Specific Remarketing Campaign

Launch a product or service-specific campaign to promote a specific product page that your visitors have visited and encourage them to revisit the page and perform a specific action such as making a purchase.
product-specific remarketing

Coastal Contacts, for instance, has launched a remarketing campaign for Steven Tyler 400 Navy, Joseph Marc 4119 Navy, and R. Hardy 9024 Dark Gunmetal glasses. This remarketing campaign will repeatedly show ads to visitors who have been to one of those product pages will and attract these visitors to return to the page and purchase the items.

To launch a product-specific remarketing campaign, you have to first create a customized remarketing list of visitors who have been to a specific product page by accessing your Google Analytics account and clicking on Admin, Remarketing, and then Audiences.

audiencesThen, click on + New Audience.

Next, click on Create New and Conditions, and specify the product page you want to target.

product specific remarketing - 2

After you’ve followed through with these steps, you can select the newly developed remarketing audience in AdWords as your remarketing list for the product-specific remarketing campaign.

3. Abandoned Shopping Cart Remarketing Campaign

Launch an abandoned shopping cart remarketing campaign to encourage who didn’t complete an order to finish the transaction.

To do so, specify your Conditions in the Audience feature in Google Analytics.

The conditions should be:

– The visitors must have visited your “Shopping Cart” page (the URL may include cart.asp).
– The visitors must not have visited the “Order Confirmation” page (the URL may include purchase.asp).

By specifying these Conditions, you’ll create a remarketing list where shoppers visited the Shopping Cart but didn’t complete an order.

abandonment remarketing - 1
Remarketing is a powerful feature in AdWords because it lets you engage with previous visitors and optimize their value by directing the visitors back to your website and perform actions such as completing a transaction. By launching the three remarketing campaigns, you can promote your sales events to visitors who have previously shown interests in your product or service, capture sales you’ve potentially lost by encouraging previous shoppers to complete their orders, or advertise a specific product to shoppers who have been to the product’s webpage. These engagements will help you increase brand exposure and revenue.

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