4 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Job Productivity

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Remember when phones were for talking but could still double as a paperweight? (Feeling some nostalgia for your ‘90s Nokia Lumia?) Today, chances are, your customers use their phones for a lot more.

And though the focus on new smartphone functions tends toward the fun stuff like gaming, social media, and texting, today’s models are capable of so much more. With features that can aid mobile productivity and enhance work-life balance, today’s smartphones can have a lasting positive impact on your customers’ lives.

But what about the latest trendy game, right? Listen, much like mobile phone protection, increased productivity might not be the first thing customers mention when they walk into a regional carrier. But, with an increase in BYOD and other mobile-related workplace trends, mobile’s impact on productivity both at home and at work is worth understanding and sharing.

Four Ways Mobile Can Help Increase Productivity

  1.  Email and Data Entry and Maintenance – Employees who’ve recorded data at home in the field don’t have to take time to transcribe it when they return to the office. Today’s smartphones allow data to be modified on the go and accessed from anywhere.
  2.  Improved Collaboration and Sharing – This just in: it’s not 1960. We don’t have to wait ‘til we get to work to hand a coworker a paper memo anymore. At their core, smartphones are about communication. With instant access to everything from email and texting to team collaboration apps like Dropbox and Salesforce, smartphones make working with others – even remotely – easy.
  3.  Virtual Meetings and Conferences FaceTime isn’t just for homesick college students and traveling puppy parents who want to ‘talk’ to their ‘kids.’ Think back to videoconferencing – reserved for large companies, the Jetsons, and Monica Geller’s rich boyfriend – if FaceTime feels a little bit like videoconferencing in your pocket, that’s because it is.
  4. Increased Employee Work-Life Balance – Mobile employees can work anywhere. This might be a workaholic’s kryptonite, but it also opens up new possibilities for busy professionals to adjust their schedules to accommodate personal events like soccer games, ballet practices, or girl’s night out.

Today, professionals and even entire organizations use mobile technology to improve productivity. But if those phones go down, productivity can take a hit.

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