What Nomophobia Means for Marketers

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Reports vary, but figures suggest that anywhere from 15-30% of people worry that they are addicted to their mobile phones. With the amount you can now do with your phones, it’s hardly surprising that we’re coming to rely on them more and more, so there’s never been a better time to start marketing on mobile.

Have a look at some of these figures:

• 40% of millennials would rather lose their car than their smartphone
• Some would rather give up their little finger – or a kidney (they use it less than their phones)
• 17% of single men would rather have the latest phone than a girlfriend
• 1/3 of people would rather give up drinking for a month than go without their mobile phone
• 24% believe losing their phone would be detrimental to their mental health
• ¼ of people would go without sex for a month… or ½, if we’re just talking about women
• One woman actually got shot rather than give up her phone

Do any of these apply to you? If so, you might be suffering with ‘nomophobia’ – the fear of being without your mobile phone. Rather than being another made-up term with no real meaning, nomophobia is, perhaps surprisingly, a real thing. More than one university has studied it, with findings suggesting that being without your phone can have a real psychological and physiological effect, with phones being considered an extension of our selves. Serious psychological scales have been developed to discover the extent of the issue in sufferers, linked with anxiety disorders.

Aside from the grip that smartphones have on our psyche, we’re using our phones so much that it’s taking a toll on our bodies too. Researchers have coined the term “texting hunch”, to describe the way we peer over our phones – and it’s our neck and back that take the strain, along with our lungs as our breathing is restricted. Ever notice your thumb or your hands getting sore after a day of texting? That’s a major factor behind RSI – repetitive strain injury.

Taking a regular break from your mobile to experience the Real World might seem hard at first, but it can help you break free from your smartphone dependency. It’s not all bad news, however – everyone having their phones on them 24/7 means that people are easier to reach than ever! If you want to see what an ever-present phone could mean for your business, try mobile messaging.

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