Internet Marketing Taboos – 6 Things To Avoid

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6 taboo's of marketing

Right now millions of websites are getting promoted through something known as internet marketing. This contains several different elements that you can work within to get moving forward. Getting to a point where you’re being seen online through a variety of different pages is not simple. Setting up a website right now, and not having a fully-fledged marketing company, you are going to end up losing out. With a good strategy in place, you will see a full-fledged push forward with a lot of traffic moving through the right areas.

With targeted traffic, you could essentially guarantee success for your site, no matter what you’re trying to build. Amidst the components that you should be working on, there are several things that you shouldn’t be working on. It’s within that world that you should look at a few taboos that could sink your progress fast.

Here’s the short list of the 6 “no no’s to avoid doing…

Buying Fake Friends

Starting with social media, it’s imperative that you do not buy fake friends, followers, or boost your posts within the arenas that are labeled as “sketchy”. This is something that is going to cause you a great deal of harm down the line. It’s imperative that you look into building your friends and followers organically. If you aren’t sure how to do this, hire a professional manager to keep track of all your social elements and build results for you. There’s nothing worse than having a profile with millions of followers and 99% of them are fake.

Traffic Shortcuts

Do not buy traffic from anyone online. There are very few, and this means an absolutely scarce amount of people online that can deliver on the premise of targeted traffic. Unless you’re buying this through PPC or another tried and true resource, you will end up with a low or nothing return on your investment. It’s absolutely important that you do not take this shortcut which is tempting. No major page is going to send you unique, targeted traffic without spending a great deal of money, and isolating the right framework. This is major time and money waster.

Black Hat SEO

Do not purchase anything that could be deemed as “black hat”. This means that you are going to end up dealing with a variety of issues that are going to cause irreparable damage to your reputation. The problem with this issue is simple, you are going to end up dealing with something that has short term results. There’s nothing good that can come with getting a short term success of attention only to get throw into the back burner of search engines. As soon as algorithmic shifts occur within search engines, you will end up losing market share as a result of this. Do not follow anything that is deemed negative by the seo optimization community, it will not pay off in the long term and your ip will wind up being banned.

Social Media Bot Posts

If you’re going to work within the confines of social media, don’t set up a “bot” to post on your behalf. Not only that, don’t just throw in an RSS feed and forget about it. While this may work marginally for some, it will not outdo the power of internet marketing in a slow and steady manner. Social media is best utilized by honest posts, and sincere updates from your business cycles. If you can work within the slow moving progress of natural implementation, you will see results. If you go this route, your audience will diminish and eventually walk away for greener pastures overall.

Negative SEO Practices

Perhaps one of the most interesting of options that you are going to find online is this solution. Negative SEO means that a company or a provider is going to deliberately do negative postings and links to a competitor’s domain name. That could be like putting an anchor on their page online, as search engines will start to diminish their reach thanks to the updating. This is a sabotage that is not going to pay off over time. It could end up causing your reputation to drop as there’s something that will lead to the company you’re working with. Nothing good can happen from distributing negative SEO of optimization to a competitor, it’s unethical and should not be done.

Posting False or Fake Reviews

This is a bad one, posting anything bad about anyone to get a leg up on competition is just dirty pool. As well, it has the potential to blowup in your face when people see “through the lines”, your sterling silver reputation will be sullied pretty quick. A real taboo way to move up the ranks for sake of getting sales is not worth it. Worse yet, leaves you wide open for a lawsuit in some cases. So be honest and be real.

The above taboos are just some of the things that you should avoid when working within the confines of internet marketing community. While they may have marginal results, they will not provide substantial benefits down the line. It’s best to not to do the mentioned above, and avoid any company that will promise these things. Take your time to build things slowly, and you’ll gain results and respect in a much better manner.

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